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The DateReviewBlog is all into sharing ideas and this mean we want you to write for us. We want your posts, write-ups and blogs to help our friends in need so that they can enjoy a wonderful love-life. We have our expert team who offer their respective ideas and experiences with others, but we want our website to be an interactive and one-to-one platform for all our friends. Thus, we invite guests from all around the world to write for us.

While writing articles for us, you simply need to keep the following points in mind:

  • The content you offer us have to be original in nature and it should not be a copy of any published articles of your or other people’s work.
  • Article based on every topic like sex, relationship, love and affair are welcome but we do not entertain the articles which contain harsh or vulgar word which might ruin our website’s reputation.
  • If we have already published an article of an advice the same topic, we will not repeat it in our advice. So, either make it interesting and different or just forget it!
  • The article you sent us must be of minimum 500 words.
  • Check your grammar and plagiarism before sending the write-up to us.
  • Proof-read your post and make it sound interesting and appealing.
  • Adjust the standard of the content and make it SEO friendly.

Please make a note, that although we receive thousands of articles from you all, it is not possible for us to publish them all. We publish articles which are at par with our website’s standards and that bring no harm to our website’s image. We thank each and every individual who take out time from their scheduled and hectic life and invest their energy and creativity in developing a superb content for us. Thank you all for your effort and don’t get disappointed if your article is not published, come to us again with a much better article and we will be pleased to put it in our site.