7 Niche Dating Sites You Didn’t Know You Needed

Remember when online dating was considered a faux pas? Not anymore. Today more than 4,500 online dating sites exist in every corner of Cyber Space, with hundreds more popping up all the time. With so many sites catering to different preferences and lifestyles, finding a like-minded companion is simple. So which dating site is right for you? Here are 7 niche dating sites you didn’t know you needed.

cl-society-632_29686884452_m1) Millionaire Dating
Looking for where the Daddy Warbucks’ of the world hang out? According to the millionaire website for the “rich and beautiful,” most money mongers reside in the United States, with Japan running a close second. But it doesn’t matter where you are, these wealthy men and women are all over the world. The site invites those looking for the lifestyle of the rich and famous, as well as current millionaires seeking another millionaire partner.

2) Tranny Dating
The Tranny Dating website features transgender and transsexual men and women looking for fun, hip relationships. But you don’t have to be a tranny to find a partner on the site. If you’re curious about the transgender lifestyle, the door is open to you too. Meet thousands of men and women that want to explore, play, and develop relationships within the tranny community.

3) Muslim Dating
Dating within a particular culture goes without question for many. This Muslim dating site is designed for Muslim singles looking for friendship, romance, or serious long-term relationships. Part of one of the largest online dating platforms, this professional, crisp site has thousands of men and women creating new profiles every day. So if you’re late to the party, no worries. New faces will be there to greet you when you join.

Puppy love and romance not your thing? It’s all good. When fetish is your fancy, this BDSM site has you covered. If the acronym has you stumped, it stands for Bondage, Domination, Sadism and Masochism. This site anchored in the United Kingdom offers a large pool of men and women that prefer whips, leather, and chains, over dinner and roses. Find a regular BDSM partner or experiment with a few different ones.

5) Aids HIV Dating
The struggle with illness is very real, and having a friend or companion that can relate to that struggle is crucial for many. The Aids HIV Dating site opens the door for individuals that are looking for a community that fosters growth and understanding. Even if Aids HIV isn’t your struggle, bond with thousands of men and women with illnesses that seek support, love, and compassion.

6) Sugar Daddy
Ever wonder why that pretty little lady is attracted to you? At the Sugar Daddy website it’s not just because you have money; your disposition matters, too. Not only can you find a pool of available, young singles, you can find outward dating advice as well. If you surf the site, it is highly recommended you watch stand-up comedians to master the delivery of a good joke. Not a Sugar Daddy? No worries. The site features many a Splenda Daddy – men without a ton of cash, but enough to still help out his lady when her own finances are in trouble.

7) Christian Dating
Christian Dating is for men and women looking to avoid the struggle with finding partners that don’t share the same beliefs or values. This site is billed as a meeting place for friendship, companionship, and romance. Want to date within a specific nomination? This is absolutely possible when creating a profile. No matter who you choose to flirt with, this dating website encourages like-minded lovers to find peace and compromise during their season of courting.


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