Type of Guys you should avoid dating

Dating at times may pose some challenges to many people with regard to deciding who to date and those to avoid. This article is written from the perspective of women, the article makes some suggestions about types of men to avoid dating. Although you should generally use your own instincts these suggestions are aimed to help you make that decision.

Men who openly express some bitterness towards women

Couple de Lépiotes_14907252339_lSome men have some bitterness against women. Such view may or may be related with some past situations and bad experiences with women. It may also result from a combination of factors some real and others imaginary. Despite their bitterness against women, yet these men seek women to date. The question is why should any woman date such a guy particularly if they openly express such negative sentiments about women. There is no guarantee that their negative feelings about women would disappear during your time with him. Such people seem not to be happy with themselves, so the best advice is to avoid such a guy.

Over adventurous men-Too much Adrenaline flow

Being adventurous is a good thing and often society tags such behavior as signs of bravery. But in some cases being too much adventurous and being obsessed by such behavior and activities is a warning sign that dating men like that may be difficult and problematic. Over-adventurous guys don’t know where to stop, they run with the bulls, they skydive, they want to surf during the most dangerous tides, and run at marathons and triathlons and so on. It is often very difficult to make such people happy. Unless you are prepared to live life with him on constant motion, please avoid such dates.

couple_28774332150_lMen with over priced ego and self-esteem

Having good ego and self esteem are great qualities for all human beings to have. But at times you run into men with over priced ego. They shop for the most exquisite and latest fashion outfits. They make fun of others for a lack of superior fashion taste. Such men often compete with their partners in terms of money spent for new fashion wears and accessories. Their ego seems so much over bloated that they would expect the most fashion conscious and pretty women around to date them instead of others. Avoid such men you will definitely not cope up with such men.

Attention seeker who wants to impress everyone

Some men wants to seen as special and above all. Attention seeker may roll up to the Club in very expensive cars, and wants to be seen and noticed arriving in such cars. They always want to be seated in reserved seats and often engage in conspicuous consumption. They order expensive wine bottles in the club and want only to be seen in the company of sophisticated women. Men like that simply spell heartache and trouble for you. They may show and shower you with attention when they want, but the truth is that such men generally have the inclination and tendency to cheat, you are better off avoiding such headaches down the line.



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