10 Ways To Make Your Online Dating Profile Get Noticed

Couples_7014694755_mIf you are looking to find a partner, you may want to consider putting your profile on an online dating site. This is a great way to get noticed by people you may not have ordinarily have met in real life. Here are a few ways to get your profile noticed and read, making your prospects soar.

10. List your interests. Do not pretend to like things you are not really interested in, or you may be caught off guard having to discuss them when you aren’t really a fan of the activity. Stick with hobbies you enjoy so you will be able to have interesting conversation.

9. Be a bit mysterious. There is nothing wrong with an air of mystery. It keeps things alive and gives the other person a chance to try and get the truth about your personality to shine.

8. Be true about future outlooks. If you are not interested in having children, put it right on your profile. You do not want to lead someone on and you will feel much more at ease attracting someone with similar hopes and dreams.

7. Forget the past. Do not put things in your profile about past relationships. This will make someone think twice about wanting to reach out to meet you. Stick with the present and the future. The past can be discussed in person.

6. Don’t respond to prospects you are not interested in. Rather than write an “I’m sorry” email, don’t respond. Taking the time out to explain why it would not work would just hurt the person reaching out to you. Since there are so many different people on an online dating site, that one person reaching out will not be offended to not get a response. You are better off ignoring than getting involved.

5. Make some changes. Take the time to make a few small changes to your profile weekly, even if it is a few words. This will keep the algorithms changing, giving you different profiles to choose from according to your specification.

4. Stay positive. No one will respond to someone feeling sorry for themselves. Keep your profile personality light and fun if you want to find someone to speak with.

3. Do not be too choosy. Putting in too many requirements will weed out some prospects that may still make a good match. If you have definite requirements, then by all means, put them in, but be open to someone who has a few differences than you.

2. Don’t be generic. Try to stand out from another profile by putting in a few details. Instead of saying you enjoy sports, say which types you enjoy. This will open up the field a bit more, making you seem more real than someone just trying to fill the profile with fluff.

1. Put on a great photo. Do not put up a photo where you cannot be seen close-up. People look for the real-deal, not someone that is fuzzy in a yard a distance away. If you want to find someone, you need to be true about your appearance. Find a head shot where you are smiling and looking sincere. This is the real you, why not show it to the world?

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