Silverdaddies: Getting By With a Little Help From a Friend

The first thing that most people think of when they think of a silverdaddy is sex, but if you ask nearly anyone involved in such a relationship, it might come as a surprise that sex will probably be relatively far down on the list of requirements. By comparison, any sugardaddy will tell you that there is a real relationship involved with older men and younger women, so why shouldn’t it be so when the relationship is gay?

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Men pursue women for lots of reasons, regardless of the ages involved, so it only seems natural that the same would hold true for older men who want a younger man, and visa versa. You could hardly blame an older man who for wanting to be involved with a younger one. After all, if it makes them feel younger, why not? By the same token, a younger man with an older one also fulfills needs as well, sexual, financial, and much more.

So, what is so bothersome about an older gay man who is attracted to a younger one? It makes them feel younger, they can also gain that feeling it gives them when they can be generous.

Is it the ads in personals that offer a “silverdaddy” instead of a “sugardaddy” in need of a relationship? It seems like the later are very common, but when it’s a gay relationship that is in need of fulfillment, eyes are raised. And isn’t the only thing in question what is needed in the relationship?

Getting By With a Little Help

Everybody has needs. What do you need? Chances are good that whatever it is that you need in a relationship is filled by someone else. Isn’t that the case with any human relationship? It’s probably even harder for gay men, whatever their ages and social standing.

Everyone should remember that it’s more than just the silverdaddy who gets something out of the relationship. The younger man does too. And it doesn’t much matter what it is, and whether sex is involved or not. Lonliness is a terrible thing, and if the person looking for a silverdaddy is looking for nothing more than companionship to combat the lonliness, why not engage in such a relationship? Even without the sex, there should be little debate about the benefits of such an older/younger relationship.


Just as is the case with a hetrosexual relationship, the tie between silverdaddy and the younger man is mutually beneficial. And as obvious as the sexual rewards might be to some, it goes far beyond that for many. The benefits of such a relationship can be as great as sex to some, but even when it’s simply an evening of pleasant conversation, everyone wins. Go ahead and advertise for your silverdaddy or your younger man. If a meeting makes for two less lonely people in the world, who would want to argue with that? Isn’t that what everybody wants?

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