Great and romantic date but he threw up on her

couple 925_7927819074_lSometimes events that take place during a date may be unpredictable. On a course of a date, things could take many turns either in a good direction or a bad and unhappy one. At times everything may go well during the date but strange occurrence may pop up at anytime which has the tendency to ruin the night for both parties. This case involves a first time date and everything went well according to the female narrator, until few minutes to the end of the date. This story discusses one of such terrible endings leading to both parties heading home in different vehicles without the usual good bye and good night kiss.

It began when Martha pulled up to Anthony’s apartment and picked him up for their first time date. Anthony enters the car and gave Martha a kiss. Along the way Anthony tells Martha that he has an upset stomach since the night before and although he has no trouble making the date with her, but his stomach still bothers him. Martha was very considerate and compassionate and she suggested they should just cancel the date and do it when Anthony gets better. Anthony suggested they should continue with the date and they drove to see a movie which was being released in the theaters for the first time that evening. It was a great movie and when the movie ended, they went for a dinner at an upscale restaurant.

They settled down after ordering their dinner and had some conversation on their careers after they leave college. Both were about to graduate from different colleges. Anthony was heading to a law school while Martha wants to go to a medical school. Anthony ordered two glasses of beer one for himself and the other for Martha. Martha asked Anthony if he could still handle the beer with an upset stomach. Anthony said he was fine and they began drinking. Soon their dinner was served and they began eating, great food and the night was going very well indeed.

Anthony calls the attention of their waitress and asked for two more glasses of beer. When dinner was over Anthony ordered more beer but Martha had reached her beer limit and did not want any more. Anthony had few more drinks as their conversation continued. They decided to leave the restaurant and the waitress brought their bill. Anthony pays the bill and they were few seconds from leaving their seats when without any warning whatsoever, Anthony threw up on Martha. His throw up barely missed Martha’s mouth by a few inches, and everything he threw up landed squarely on Martha’s dress.

Martha was infuriated. Her dress was soaked and the waitress took her to the ladies room to clean up and change her soaked dress. The problem for Martha was what would she do with a soaked up dress. The waitress suggested Martha should wear an extra restaurant work clothes she had and Martha’s dress was put into a plastic bag. Martha put on the restaurant uniform and was escorted through the back door of the restaurant and she drove off leaving Anthony in the restaurant.They never spoke again after that night.

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